Sharon Rushbrook

What’s your job involve?

A bit of everything really, from preparing payroll to making refreshments – and anything in between. It’s a very diverse role, but it needs to be as it helps to ensure there is always a “happy office family”.

Plymouth: three of the best!

  • Best road: Grand Parade, The Hoe.
  • Best property type: Anything with a sea view.
  • Best quality: There’s all the benefits of a diverse city, but it’s close to the sea. You can’t beat that! It’s your day off…. Where does Mr Lawson find you: Shopping or heading away for the weekend in my caravan.

My guilty pleasure is?

A good book and a (big) bar of chocolate.

Finally, why is Lawson estate agency …only better?

From the people who work here to the customer experience we offer, there is uniqueness to this business you simply won’t find anywhere else.