Natalia Rozario MNAEA

What’s your job involve?

I value properties throughout the city. Love being there at a customer’s first step in the moving process, such an exciting time!

Plymouth: three of the best!

  • Best road: Bowden Park Road. Fantastic 1930s semis and bungalows…and it’s FLAT!
  • Best property type: You can’t go wrong with a 1930s semi. You get the ‘big three’: driveway, garden and garage.
  • Best quality: It’s maritime history…and its gin!

It’s your day off…where does Mr Lawson find you?

Spending time with family, and probably spending most of that time eating.

Your guilty pleasure is?

Pork scratchings, beef McCoy crisps, cheese, red wine. Shall I go on? I Love food!

Finally, why is Lawson estate agency…only better?

We’re a very determined and passionate team, all hand-picked by Mr Lawson. He knows how to recruit staff who will do everything in their power to get our clients moving.