Karen Sheather

What’s your job involve?

Something of everything really. General office duties, photocopying, scanning and emailing, as well as doing my share of viewings on available properties and answering the phone.

Plymouth: three of the best!

  • Best road: Definitely Burleigh Park Road, Peverell. Have lived there so I am biased, but I love the tree lined aspect and the beautiful stained glass windows.
  • Best property type: The very old, pre 1910 and the ultra-modern.
  • Best quality: Love seeing family in London…but love returning home to the quiet life.

It’s your day off…where does Mr Lawson find you?

Sharing wine/food with friends or walking the dog. Love the outdoors!

Your guilty pleasure is?

Don’t feel guilty about any of my pleasures!

Finally, why is Lawson estate agency…only better?

I’m proud to be part of a team where everyone works so hard to deliver the best possible end result.