Julie Comber MNAEA

What’s your job involve? Mostly viewings and negotiating offers, but most importantly, listening to our vendors and applicants.

Plymouth: three of the best!

  • Best road: Anywhere with a great view. You can always change a property, but not its location.
  • Best property type: It’s not what you see in a property, it’s what you feel.
  • Best quality: The people of Plymouth. They are warm and friendly.

It’s your day off…where does Mr Lawson find you?

Shopping for clothes or in a DIY store. Family time with my four children and four grandchildren. I’m not really that old…I just tell people I was born married!!

Your guilty pleasure is?

Jelly beans and running twice a week to burn off the calories.

Finally, why is Lawson estate agency…only better?

We may sell in and around Plymouth, but when it comes to customers, we always go the extra mile!