Ann Carpenter

What’s your job involve?

I work part-time at the weekend, helping people find their potential new home and advising on the local area/amenities. Whether they’re buying or selling, it’s always about looking after a client’s needs.

Plymouth: three of the best!

  • Best road: Caradon Close. A simply wonderful array of beautiful detached properties.
  • Best property type: Split level, detached house. They’re quirky and interesting.
  • Best quality: With 1,000 years of amazing history, where do you start? Our naval fleet, Mayflower Steps, Drake…the list goes on!

It’s your day off…where does Mr Lawson find you?

Relaxing at home with my boys or walking the dog in Plymbridge Woods.

Your guilty pleasure is?

Good wine, a good movie and getting my nails done.

Finally, why is Lawson an estate agency…only better?

A trustworthy, customer focused team offering good advice and great service from start to finish. Simply the best!