Anita Loughrey-Robinson

What’s your job involve?

New home sales at the Roborough eco-home development. Building long term relationships with clients is key as the sales process can last up anywhere between six – 12 months.

Plymouth: three of the best!

  • Best road: Solar Crescent/Eco Way at this development. Ok, I’m biased, but I am supposed to be.
  • Best property type: The properties here obviously! Super-efficient, spacious, well-designed homes.
  • Best quality: Superb restaurants and equally fantastic eateries. Plymouth really doesn’t get enough credit for this particular quality.

It’s your day off…where does Mr Lawson find you?

Kayaking in Cornwall and walking my two mad spaniels.

Your guilty pleasure is?

Several glasses of wine of an evening…but not too many, I promise.

Finally, why is Lawson estate agency…only better?

For me, it’s the local and specialist knowledge those people moving in from out of the area get access too. It’s really exceptional.