If you are thinking about buying a home then making us the first call is the best course of action. As an Independent Estate agent and one of the leading Estate Agents in Plymouth, we are more than happy to sit with you and talk through the process of buying a property. If you have a property to sell in order to fund, we can of course offer advice on the timescales and process needed in order to make your move as smooth as possible. Here’s some handy hints on making that important step onto the ladder.

1. Because you can trust us to give knowledgeable, honest and impartial advice.

We regularly talk to sellers and buyers far in advance of them looking to sell or purchase. Because we are career Estate Agents rather than just 9-5, we really care about the advice we give and our experience, knowledge and ongoing industry education means we’ll know the answer to your question… or one of our award winning team will! We work with Integrity and if we say we’ll do something – we’ll do it. Trust is earnt not given easily.

2. Because we are independent and proud of it!

Lawson DO NOT do lettings – we are experts in selling residential property and helping buyers like you. We are a family owned, truly Independent business with no ties to any PLC or Head Office out of area. That means that our advice is free and won’t come with conditions. We have Independent financial advisors and local solicitors that we can recommend but we won’t dictate – buying your home should be as pleasurable and as stress free as possible.

3. We have the right attitude.

We like Can do – not Cannot. Our staff are empathetic towards both the seller and buyer and available 6 days a week to book a viewing in the office – and 24hrs a day our Phone Answering Service makes sure we don’t miss a call! You don’t buy or sell a property every day and Estate Agents often forget that, it’s our job to make it as easy as we can and use our experience to smooth any problems that may arise.