Are you looking for straight talking advice regarding your property sale and are bored stiff of being passed from one agent to another?

Our Property Reality Check does what it says on the tin. Our Estate Agents Darren, Ben, Kevin or Tony Are dedicated to helping you selling your property for the right price. They will visit and ‘tell it how it is’. If you like what they say, great let’s get you moving – if not, then we wish you the best of luck.

Take a look at our step by step guide to how our Reality Check service works from our appraisal to our 12 week marketing plan to get you moving.


What will we do?

We’ll appraise the property with a fresh pair of eyes.

We’ll look through your pricing, details, description, website placing, feedback, viewing levels and offers – then we’ll tell you what you need to do to get your property moving. You’ll find our advice honest and accurate.

It’ll take an hour maximum and it is completely FREE and confidential.

What we won’t do is tell you everything is ok... if it isn't.

Its very rare that there isn’t something that we can’t change for the better. If everything was as good as it could be, it would’ve Sold already – and a change isn’t a change if everything stays the same is it?

We’ll start on pricing as this is always a key indicator. Our job is to give accurate market pricing. To put it simply, if you expect us to market a property that has a price way in excess of what the market dictates – then we don’t need to speak. We don’t just want to win a listing – we want to sell it for you for as much as the market determines is right. After speaking and it may well be that the price is accurate, but if it isn’t we’ll tell you. Likewise if there are things that need painting or presenting differently we are going to tell you too. Our years of experience selling property of every price range and type gives us a great insight into what works – and what doesn’t!

We have a plan.

Our 12 WEEK MARKETING PLAN is reactive to market conditions and one our experience shows works – time and time again.

It’s Estate Agency just not what you’ll be used to – and advice that you can trust in.

Is it time you had a Reality Check? CONTACT US HERE TO DISCUSS.