Exciting times ahead as Lawson hits the small screen!

17 December 2018
Exciting times ahead as Lawson hits the small screen!

Work is ongoing behind the scenes for the release of our first promotional video here at Lawson. Shot over 2 days with the help of some fantastic ‘Lawson-ites’, the video is being produced to promote our brand new name and provides an emotive storyline and wording which Lawson Marketing Director Chris Mervyn hopes will provide a small window into what being a member of the Lawson team is really about.

‘Steering clear of the usual marketing messages put out there by other companies, we wanted to produce a ‘feel-good’ snippet into our everyday life… helping people through the moving cycle to enable them to get to their next place in life – be it their first sale or their lifetime property purchase’ said Chris.

‘Our chosen production team have worked tirelessly and I think that everyone is excited to see the finished article’

We’ll post more news in January 2019 about this so keep an eye out on our social media channels for teaser videos coming soon!!