Charting a positive course for 2020!

12 December 2019
Charting a positive course for 2020!

Lawson Estate Agents has ridden out the storm around the ongoing Brexit uncertainty and is looking forward to more settled times ahead for the Plymouth property market.

The Plymouth based agency has maintained a consistent sales performance across 2019 – and Managing Director Darren Lawson believes this is no mean feat, considering the difficult political climate. Now, he is determined to build on that sense of positivity as 2020 approaches and is confident that there will be stability in the local marketplace next year.

“There is no doubt we have had to navigate some pretty choppy waters in recent months, particularly around the two Brexit deadlines in March and October, which caused a lot of inertia in the market,” said Darren. “To finish the year maintaining a similar sales performance to the year before is pleasing and shows that our clients can be confident in our ability to chart a steady course through uncertain times.”

Darren pointed out that the performance was also no mean feat considering the agency went through a major rebrand and office move during 2019. He said the impact of the relocation of the city branch to Hyde Park from Mutley Plain cannot be over emphasised, either. “It is now just three months since the move and the whole team has never looked back,” said Darren. “We have had a lot of positive feedback from clients to the new offices, proving just how important a physical presence in the heart of a thriving community continues to be in our industry. Just recently, staff handled the sale of a retirement property and a key selling point was down to its proximity to the local area – and to Hyde Park School in particular, which is located next door to the new Lawson offices. “That alone is enough vindication for me that we absolutely made the right decision to relocate and I look to forward to many more years in our new home,” Darren added.

Looking ahead, Darren believes there is much to be positive about for the Plymouth market in 2020, particularly as it is the year that also marks the much anticipated Mayflower 400 celebrations. “Such a momentous historical landmark should really lift the spirits of everyone in our great city and there’s no reason why the property market shouldn’t have something of a feel good factor either,” Darren continued.

“If interest rates stay low and lenders continue to be sensible over mortgage borrowing, the market should remain stable in 2020 with perhaps a small rise in prices. “That should mean that the good value that can be found now in the marketplace should continue across 2020.”