Catapulting Team Lawson to even greater heights of success!

14 March 2019
Catapulting Team Lawson to even greater heights of success!

The sky’s the limit!

That was the message from the Managing Director of Lawson Estate Agents as he revealed the business is going from strength to strength since its rebranding.
Darren Lawson told delighted staff that the newly named agency had increased its market share for properties sold in the city for the first quarter of 2019 compared to the same period last year as Mansbridge Balment Plymouth.

Net sales agreed (new sales, minus abortive sales) are also up over the same period and Darren singled out Moving Managers Annie Hall and Jo Churchman for particular praise for their roles in seeing more agreed sales through to a successful completion.

He said that despite the continued pressures affecting the property industry and uncertainty around the impact of Brexit, the figures are the clearest evidence yet that the re-branding of the business was the right strategy.

Darren revealed the figures to the team at a sales meeting held on the top floor of the striking Beckley Point student accommodation block in Plymouth, the tallest building in the South West.
“It is a highly appropriate venue in which to meet as these excellent sales figures really show that the sky’s the limit for our business moving forward, so well done to everyone,” said Darren.
“In this Brexit affected marketplace, which sometimes feels like we are working in the ‘eye of the storm’, we are clearly doing rather well. Every single one of you continues to go above and beyond for our clients to ensure we are always delivering a customer experience of exceptional professionalism. The market is unpredictable day to day but all of you are working hard to advise and create interest in our available properties. I cannot thank you enough for your continued sterling efforts!”

Darren also said that there have been many positive comments about the re-brand and the Lawson name is clearly getting noticed.
“I have seen and heard a number of comments about our sale boards being more striking and seen everywhere, while there has been great feedback about the new website too,” added Darren.
“While the decision to re-brand the business was a courageous one, there is no doubt that courage is paying off. Thank you all for keeping the faith!”