Buyer’s Guide

Buying for the first time or a seasoned mover? Regardless of your experience our handy Step by Step guide should help!

1. Get your finance ready first
Even before you start thinking about buying a property, you need to know how much you have available to spend. This means speaking with a mortgage adviser and discussing how... Read more
2. Get Registered
As soon as you know the price bracket you can buy in, you can register with us and start to look for properties in the Plymouth area. If we find... Read more
3. Find a Solicitor
Getting a solicitor lined up before you make an offer on a property saves time and looks to any potential seller that you mean business. Their job is to complete... Read more
4. Making an offer
When you do find that property, you need to speak to us and we’ll have an open conversation on what figures our vendor is looking to accept. From that you... Read more
5. The Survey
Your mortgage lender, if you have one, will arrange a survey of the property, to ensure that the price you are offering is realistic for their loan to you. This will... Read more
6. Issuing a Mortgage Offer
Your mortgage lender will issue a mortgage offer to your solicitor when they receive the surveyor’s report, and they are satisfied that the valuation is realistic given the amount they... Read more
7. Exchanging Contracts
The exchange of contracts is an important moment, as this marks the point when the sale/purchase becomes legally binding for both parties. Exchange can only take place once your deposit has... Read more
8. Completion
The moment your property purchase is finalised is called ‘completion’, and usually comes a week or two after exchange. Your mortgage lender and solicitor will transfer the outstanding balance to... Read more